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Modern wireless and mobile tehcnology provides a platform for multifaceted marketing and communications tools. QuickClic Innovations utilises these new multimedia technologies to assist our clients businesses to success.


Our services enable companies to enhance their presentations and marketing campaigns alongside increasing availability of products or services. We create and produce corporate videos alongside webisodes, podcasts and 3D animations to help our clients to carry out a marketing campaigns.


QuickClic Innovations, formerly known as Universal Video & Film, has over 30 years of experience in film production. Our company has produced thousands of television adverts and news broadcasts, marketing films alongside music and 3D animation productions. These activities will be carried out under the new QuickClic brand.




Movie starts with an idea.
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We offer social media consultation and marketing services.

Content is important to produce the right target group.


We also produce websites and Facebook, YouTube, and Google + sites.

Social marketing explained: